Tradename & Description INCI Name Raw Material Category

TEGOLON® 12-10

Ultrafine polyamide powder for use in color cosmetics, especially pressed powders and foundations. Suitable also for nail polishes and aerosols. Lowest water absorption of all commercially available Nylon-12 grades, enhancement of skin feel, smoothing and reduced shine. Particle size 6 micron.

Nylon-12 Rheological Additives

TEGOLON® 12-20

Ultrafine polyamide powder for use in color cosmetics, e.g. lipsticks, skin care and sun care. Combines soft touch with good absorbtion properties. Enhances contact time with stratum corneum and improves ease of application and spreadability. Particle size 10 micron.

Nylon-12 Rheological Additives


TEGOLON® ECO 10-10 consists of polyamide particles that are fully based on renewable sources. This new polyamide grade is based on Nylon-10,10, an AA-BB polyamide that is made in a polycondensation process of sebacic acid and decamethylene diamine. Both raw materials are derived from castor oil and are therefore fully vegetable-based. A life-cycle assessment confirms that TEGOLON® ECO 10-10’s carbon footprint is significantly lower compared to petrochemically based Nylon materials (kg CO2-equivalent/kg Nylon) – a contribution from Evonik to sustainable, responsible product solutions.

Nylon-10/10 UV filters/Cosmetic particles
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