Application of our services and chemical products

Finecon is paying much attention to the research and development of new products for water treatment and to the amelioration of our existing product range. The aim is to offer our customer quality products developed according the latest know-how in this area.
Our R&D activities make it possible to provide bespoke chemical treatment solutions which not only ensure the required water quality but bring to our customers substantial economies in:

  • Fuel consumption (gas, petrol, coal,), water consumption and electricity.
  • Maintenance cost and through long service life.

We back our treatment products with professional know-how, long experience and full service.

Our Services:

  • Working out the right Solution for YOUR need (chemicals, service-range and equipment).
  • Measurement and analytical evaluation of system parameters.
  • Adjustment of dosing rates for applied products.
  • Installation and maintenance of measurement and control technology.
  • Monitoring of treated system efficiency.
  • Diagnostics and prediction of failures
  • Consultancy

Benefits to You:

  • Lower operating cost.
  • Higher plant efficiency – maximum process productivity.
  • Increased plant safety and production reliability.
  • Long service life – reduced maintenance cost.
  • Lower waste and disposal cost.
  • Environmental compatibility.
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