Product Action

Is the process by which organic matter is broken down by microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, algae) into water and carbon dioxide.

Bacterial growth
Micro-organisms or bacteria reproduce by cellular division in this way, a mother cell splits into two daughter cells, approximately every 20 minutes under optimal temperature and pressure conditions.

Product Action
Selective microbiological blends enable to use the microbial activity for biodegradation of organic matter.

  1. Micro-organisms are taken from their natural environment and specific strains are selected for their capacity to break down a given organic material.
  2. The ability of the selected strains to break down material is increased generation after generation with bacterial growth. To do this we put the strains in contact with increasing quantities of matter to break down: this is the selective adaptation of micro-organisms.
  3. A combination of different strains means that effective coctails can be obtained, that are specific to the desired application. This does not mean that the strains loose their natural ability to break down other types of organic matter.

What’s the difference between chemical and biological product?

Treatment with a chemical product Treatment with a biological product

Chemical product + Pollution

Pollution is shifted
(Canalization, water...)


Biological product + Pollution

Pollution is destroyed




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