Respect of Environment

Personal Protection and Respect of the Environment

The biotechnological products use the biodegradation process to digest organic matter.This avoids the use of chemicals which are toxic for the environment.

We guarantee that our products respect:

We use non pathogenic microbes that are not genetically modified.

Treated Surfaces:
No corrosion or deterioration.

Waste water networks and treatment plants downstream:
Unlike chemicals, released micro-organisms do not pollute sewage networks but help to degrade the matter present.

The environment:
Our products are specially developed to ensure maximum biodegradability and are not classified as ‘dangerous for the environment’.

Biological Agent Class:
Biological agents are classified into 4 groups depending on the infection risk that they represent (from 1 to 4).

All of our products contain only class 1 micro-organisms, ones that "are unlikely to cause human disease" (according to Council Directive 2000/54/EEC).

These micro-organisms are also called non pathogenic micro-organisms.

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