Septic, Holding Tanks, WWTP

Problems of functionality in waste water cleaning systems can be divers. Using of high amount of chemical cleaning products and disinfectants, acute toxic shock, system overloaded, insufficiency of nutrients...
Bio-products containing micro-organisms help to maintain balance in the system and restore effectively its activity depending on regular dosing of prescribed amounts of the suitable product. Regular application reduce the grease layer and amounts of organic matter deposits and maintain facilities by preventing blockage and odor reflux.




- Concentrated formulation of micro-organisms, enzymes and nutrients
- Dramatically increases bacterial population in systems
- Accelerates breakdown of organic materials
- Limits presence of grease on surface
- Rapid restart after tank pump-out or toxic shock
- Physical work on tank less frequently needed
- No unpleasant odors
- Natural product, environment friendly
- Risk-free handling: product neither toxic nor harmful

Packaging: 500 g PE jar (12x 500g in cardboard), 30 kg PE jar





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