Toilets Treatment, Living rooms


The ‘Bathrooms’ range offers effective and complete solutions for fighting all odor, plugging and scale deposit problems affecting traps, pipes, surfaces and septic tanks




Treatment of malodors and prevention of blockages in bathrooms (drains and lines, siphons, toilet bowls, urinals, sinks…).

Cleaning of surfaces. Bio-products provide chemical cleaning plus the after-cleaning effect of microbial action. The Microorganisms penetrate into the cracks, crevices and pores of surfaces and use the grease and organics as a food source, removing them in the process, providing a deep cleaning effect.

This residual deep cleaning is effective in many different applications: floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, PET areas...

Packing: 0,75 L PE bottle




treatment of malodors, prevention of plugging and scale deposits in urinals.

Packing: Block with screen, 12 blocks in the box



maintenance or seeding of portable toilets: campsites, trailers, construction sites, planes, busses…

Packing: 1 L bottle with an integrated dosing cap


Living Rooms

The ‘Living rooms’ range offers a product for eliminating all odors on all kinds of textiles. Its immediate and long lasting effect means that this is a product suitable for many applications.




de-odorisation of textiles: sofas, carpets, rugs, curtains, bedspreads…

Packing: 750 ml spray bottle


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