Bioremediation in Water Treatment – Products and Services

Biologically, waste water systems are unstable. Variations in composition and amount of the incoming flow as well as the ageing of sludge, toxical shocks, temperature, pH cause water quality to deteriorate rapidly with negative impacts on COD, BOD, SS, N, P, odour,...

Natural water in lagoons, lakes ponds is affected by pollution, climate conditions, uncontrolled grow of water plants and can loose the natural ability of biological auto-cleaning and undergo eutrophisation.

Soil polluted by chemicals (hydrocarbons, phenol compounds, organic acids, ...) can not be used for agriculture and is a real danger for underground water supplies.
Industries and agriculture are producing organic waste (grease, hydrocarbons, urea, ...) which is difficult to degrade naturally and other ways are costly and polluting.

Our company is cooperating with some of the most important producers of biological specialities (strains of micro-organisms, fungi and enzymes) developed for the bio-augmentation (enhancement) of the natural biodegradation of organic substances in sewage water or solid waste.
We are offering our customers effective, economical and environmentally friendly solutions tailored to customer needs.
This type of bioremediation requires no capital investment, brings rapid and effective results and is ideal for both preventing and curing water quality problems.

Benefits to You:

  • Improvement of discharged Effluent quality (COD, BOD5, TNK, S-S, ...).
  • Increased waste water treatment plant capacity and reliability.
  • Odour control.
  • Lower waste and disposal cost (sludge).
  • Safeguard against overload and toxic shocks.
  • Soil remediation.
  • Energy savings.


We back our treatment products with professional know-how, long experience and full service.

Our Services:

  • Working out the right Solution for YOUR need (products, service-range and equipment).
  • Measurement and analytical evaluation of system parameters.
  • Adjustment of dosing rates for applied products.
  • Installation and maintenance of measurement and control technology.
  • Monitoring of treated system efficiency.
  • Consultancy
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