Evonik goes green

Representation of the company Evonik Nutrition and Care GmbH in Slovak Republic and in the Republic of Hungary.

There is no doubt about it, in recent years, terms such as „natural“, „plant-based“ and „vegetable“ have become firmly established in our everyday vocabulary, most commonly found in the Personal Care market. Evonik spotted this trend early on.

More then 80 percent of raw materials and active ingredients provided to the cosmetic industry are made from plant-sourced and natural based starting materials. Examples are fats and oils, natural fatty acids or sugar compounds including sucrose and sorbitol.

The business unit Consumer Specialties produces the nature-identical ceramide and phytosphingosine active ingredient group, using biofermentation, processes and techniques, that conserve resources and are safe and environmentally friendly. Evonik also uses cutting-edge biotechnological production processes that use natural enzymes to produce high-quality ester oils, which can be used in a variety of cosmetic products. Thees processes reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 75 percent and result in high-quality products having exceptional purity.

Our natural, nature-identical or renewable raw materials, active ingredients and innovative, environmentaly friendly production processes, as well as the biodegradabilityof hair and body care products, has also been recognized by independent institutions and organisations. More then 50 products of our portfolio for the cosmetic industry have already been certified by independent international environmental organization ECOCERT so far. It is currently the largest environmental control and certification organization in Europe and it works in 80 different countries all over the world.

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