Removing Deposits and Passivating Metal

FINECON is paying much attention to the research and development of new products for deposit removing and metal passivating and to the amelioration of our existing product range. The aim is to offer to our customers quality products developed according the latest know-how in this area.
Our R&D activities make it possible to provide bespoke chemical solutions which not only remove deposits but ensure to our customers a complete protection against corrosion throughout the process of cleaning.

To remove deposits in a safe way we use technologies based on:

  • chemical specialities (chemical deposit removing)
  • microbiological specialities (natural environmentally friendly solution)
  • physical principles
  • combining the above technologies.

We are removing (cleaning) deposits of:
Scale, Sludge, Corrosion deposits, Combustion deposits, Grease and Oil deposits, Dust and atmospheric impurities, Micro-organic bio deposits (algae, moss, bacteria ...).


Passivating metal surfaces is realized with technologies based on:

  • chemical specialities
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